The winter season is just beginning as we inch closer to the holidays. Winter storm Dion has made his way gradually across the United States this past week as the fourth winter storm of the season. Bringing snow, freezing rain, and wind in its wake, Dion pummeled into over 20 states causing wintery chaos. A few of these states, such as those in the Midwest and the New England area, have grown accustomed to winter weather while Southern states braced themselves for the attack. As winter storm Dion comes to an end, we know it surely will not be the last this season, so Preparis would like to suggest three things to remember during winter storms.

(Weather Channel Image)

(Weather Channel Image)

1. Have emergency supplies
on hand.
Winter storms may prevent you from making quick trips to the store for any of your needs, so have supplies stored to keep you safe and healthy. Bottled water, foods that don’t require refrigeration, a source of heat in case of power failure, first-aid kits, and a flashlight are all good items to keep stored.

2. Avoid traveling when possible. Winter storms frequently result in hazardous driving conditions including poor visibility and loss of traction on the road. Make a plan for getting off the roadways and finding shelter indoors before a winter storm hits. If you do have no choice but to travel then make sure you don’t throw hot water on the windshield to get rid of ice and snow as this usually causes the windshield to crack from the temperature change. If this happens you won’t be able to use the car and will need to get Allstate Auto Glass out to repair it when the weather improves.

3. Hazards can occur once the storm has passed. Floods, downed trees, power outages (check out generatorgrid for great generators to prepare for this), and more can occur after the storm is gone. Be aware of these risks and use continued caution when traveling. If you do have to travel then drive responsibly. Remember, just because you’re driving responsibly, doesn’t mean everyone else on the road will be too so if you get into an accident with an irresponsible driver you might want to contact someone like this car accident lawyer Abilene to get compensation.

For more comprehensive information on preparation and response to winter storms, download the Preparis Winter Storm Checklist or visit your Preparis Portal. Don’t be caught off guard by the next winter storm. To learn more about other threats and how to prepare for them, check out Preparis University for access to webinars, tabletop exercises, and additional checklists.

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