I had lunch this afternoon with an interesting fellow, John Copenhaver, who ran FEMA for Region IV as an appointee by President Clinton. We discussed many things including H1N1, the state of things in Washington, and the visibility of “preparedness” in the C-Suite. We engaged in an interesting discussion about what we should name the industry Preparis is in, and FEMA as well for that matter.

We came to the conclusion that our industry is referenced by too many names – Resiliency, Preparedness, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Preparedness….the list goes on. This is confusing – even for those of us in the industry. Other sectors have it nailed down – “Internet Security” and “CRM” for example are pretty self-explanatory and all-encompassing, so why can’t we be as well?

For the business side of things (Preparis’ focus) the words “Preparedness” and “Resiliency” will likely be used more frequently. Preparedness is working its way into the corporate lexicon due to the PS-Prep private sector preparedness certification program that is being developed.

Whatever your organization calls it, it’s important that “Preparedness” be viewed simply and comprehensively as a living, breathing, actionable program embedded into your culture as a part of doing business in the 21st Century.

Founder & Board Director