School Safety has always been a priority, however because school related violence is so unpredictable, it can seem challenging for schools to be 100% prepared for a potential attack. Monday, April 10th, an elementary school in San Bernardino, California fell victim to a school shooting. A man came into the school where he shot and killed his estranged wife along with a student who had special needs, prior to killing himself. Another student was hospitalized, but is in stable condition.

According to CNN, the shooter, Cedric Anderson, age 53 was a resident of Riverside, CA. He supposedly signed into the front office upon entering the school, stating that he needed to “drop something off” to his wife. He then quickly went to the classroom where he began shooting.

Preventing School Shootings

Unfortunately, there is no way to 100% protect against school shootings or any other kind of emergency situation. In fact, school shootings are even more common than we previously thought. The only times where shooting is acceptable is in photography and when you are using your bb gun for target practice. Taking the lives of innocent people is not the way forward. This is why something needs to be done right away, to prevent anything like this happening again.
Every Town for Gun Safety revealed that there have been over 200 incidents where there has been a school shooting (including those that didn’t come to fruition) since the Sandy Hook shooting in December of 2012.

The thought of not being able to prevent school shootings and having them continue to happen at an alarming rate is a daunting thought. However, there are many protocols that schools can enforce which can better prepare teachers and faculty on how to deal with a shooting, if one is to occur. While we cannot prevent school shootings entirely, we can prepare for them to the best of our ability. Schools need to prevent situations like these before they happen. Too many shootings are happening in facilities where people are supposed to be kept safe. One way to help prevent this is through the use of a Security Camera System fitting in schools. Protocols like this can potentially eliminate any future threats, by providing an accurate and automatic response to this type of situation. No one deserves to live in fear. But if there is anything that can be done to reduce this, then it should be put into place.

Listed below are a few important ways that school officials, teachers, students and even parents can help to prevent school shootings:

  • Communication – Building relationships, listening and communicating with others is one of the best ways to prevent a school shooting. According to there was a study conducted by the Secret Service, which reported that 81% of school shooters told a friend that they were going to go forward with the shooting, but no one came forward about it. Changing the way we communicate with others can ultimately lead to a higher intervention rate when it comes to violence within schools.
  • Review School Safety Plans – Aside from just doing the school drills, it is important for all teachers, students, faculty and parents to know the plan for what to do in the event there is an active shooter. Many schools have plans that are ineffective and outdated, so it’s important to review and update the plans on a regular basis to ensure best practices and compliance items are up-to-date. If a parent feels that the plan is ineffective, that parent should discuss with school officials to get a change made rather than sticking with an outdated plan that force children to become “sitting ducks” during an active shooting situation.
  • Training – Including various forms of training in your schools Emergency Action Plan (EAP) can make a huge difference when trying to ensure that faculty, teachers and students know what to do in the event of an active shooter. It is the responsibility of everyone involved to know the plan from front to back to ensure the safety of the children. Preparis offers an Active Shooter Checklist, training and tabletop exercises that can greatly benefit school systems to better prepare for an active shooter.

In addition, you might find Preparis’ Responding to Workplace Violence Checklist to be beneficial.

  • Emergency Messaging System – Having an emergency notification & incident management system in place that can quickly alert staff, parents and even students when there is an emergency, as well as send updates regarding whereabouts of an intruder can help mitigate the risk for injuries.

With Preparis’ Emergency Notification & Incident Management System you can quickly:

  • Alert staff, parents and students with a two-way emergency notification system, which features voice, text and email message delivery
  • Use the incident management tool to filter and update the status of staff and students, along with the ability to document incidents
  • Create call-in announcements so parents can call in to receive updates about the incident and status of their children

Want to see the Preparis Portal in action and learn about how Preparis can help you build an actionable school safety plan? Click here to

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