No one is immune to a cyber attack—including the police.

The Midlothian Village Police Department, located south of Chicago, recently dished out $600 to an unknown hacker after a ransomware attack. The infection occurred after someone opened a phishing email that contained the malware. The computer’s files were encrypted and made inaccessible until the police department paid the ransom.

This incident shows that cyber criminals will target anyone they can, from law enforcement officials to your company. You can stop a malware attack in its tracks by recognizing these 6 warning signs that could alert you to a possible infection:

  1. Slow network access
  2. Unresponsive computer
  3. Redirected browser traffic
  4. Spam email coming from company email addresses
  5. Frequently appearing error messages and popup windows
  6. Other new and/or unexplained computer activity

If a computer shows any of these signs, the immediate goal of the IT staff is to detect, analyze, contain, and eradicate the threat. Refer to the Cyber Threats section in the Knowledge Center of your portal or contact your Client Services representative for more information on malware and other cyber threats.

2015 Content Intern