Staples is potentially the latest retailer to succumb to malware attacks, reportedly installed on point-of-sale systems. In response to alerts that an increasing number of fraudulent charges came from cardholders who recently shopped at the retail store, Staples contacted the US Secret Service to initiate an investigation into a possible data breach.

A number of retailers, including Kmart, Dairy Queen, Home Depot, and Target, have been the target of similar attacks, amounting to millions of compromised credit cards and cardholder information.

If it seems the quantity of malware attacks in the media is growing, that’s because it is. In the most recent McAfee Labs report, the amount of new malware samples for Q2 of this year exceeded 31 million, which is the largest amount recorded in one quarter.

With the amount of cyber-attacks on the rise, it is even more important to understand what the various types of cyber-attacks are, how they happen, what you can do to reduce the risks, and how you should respond when a cyber-attack occurs. For more information, visit the Cyber Threats section of your portal or contact your Client Services representative.

Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.