Bullet casings, knives, clubs, and pools of blood scattered the floor of a restaurant in Waco, Texas after a deadly gunfight between rival biker gangs on Sunday night. The brawl at Twin Peaks restaurant resulted in nine deaths, at least 18 injuries, and 192 arrests. Police knew prior to Sunday’s shootout that trouble was brewing and attempted to work with Twin Peaks management to evade a dangerous situation. Authorities say the restaurant’s management refused to heed the warning and cooperate, and the fatal event ensued.

Civil disturbances may occur without any warning at all, but if there is even a slight indication that a disturbance is possible in or around your workplace, you should take the appropriate steps to prepare. Click the image below to download the Civil Disturbance checklist. The list highlights the steps you can take in the event of a disturbance. One of those steps is “Follow the instructions of local law enforcement.” If authorities suggest a method of action, it is in your best interest to do what is suggested.

civil disturbance snip

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