On the morning of March 22, 2016, commuters in Brussels fell victim to several coordinated terrorist attacks. Terrorists detonated two bombs at the Zaventem airport and one at the Maelbeek metro, killing 31 people and injuring hundreds more. The terrorists involved have ties to ISIL—which claims responsibility for the attacks—and it is assumed the attacks are connected to the capture of Salah Abdeslem, a fugitive involved in the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks.

Yesterday’s devastating terrorist attacks in Brussels indicate large-scale attacks of this nature can occur anywhere at any time. While we show support for those affected by these events, businesses the world over should also consider what they can do to protect their employees and operations following an act of terrorism, whether it occurs at home or abroad.  

To help you determine what to include in your terrorism response plans, we’ve prepared an executive brief which suggests immediate and extended items you should consider adding. These include:

Immediate Considerations

  • Ensure local incident response plans are in place.
  • Offer counseling or extend time off for those affected.
  • Assist international business travelers with alternate travel planning.

Extended Considerations

  • Anticipate other acts of terrorism.
  • Expect increased security and limited building access.
  • Prepare employees for terrorist attacks and other forms of violence.

Download the Terrorism Response Considerations in the Wake of International Attacks here or find it in your portal. For more information on ways you can prepare for terrorist attacks, visit the Terrorism threat section in the Knowledge Center, watch the Terrorism in the Workplace: Prevention & Response webinar, or contact your Customer Success representative.

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