Whether it’s because your city is under a hurricane watch, a wildfire is raging in a nearby area, or the omnipresent threat of a Yeti attack — it always helps to have a plan in case you have to evacuate in a hurry. Here are some things to consider when working on your evacuation plan.

Have cash on hand. Prepare your emergency kit with some of the basic essentials such as a flashlight, batteries, NOAA radio, important medicines, and especially cash. In the event of a widespread blackout, you will likely not be able to use your credit card or corporate purchasing card as there will be no power on connectivity for the credit card processors. It’s important to carry cash especially if you need to buy bottled water, food, or other supplies to manage through the incident.Irene-Evacuation-Hampton-Roads-Bridge-Tunnel

Keep your gas tank full.  Not only will the lines be long at the pumps, but there also might be fuel shortages. Many people who study and practice emergency preparedness will never let their tank get to less than half-full. They understand the importance of having to get on the road instead of being stuck in line.

Have a method of contacting employees to ensure they are safe. Emergency notification systems allow you to send messages via email, text or voice to reach all your employees in just a few clicks. Also, in the event you have to evacuate your employees, provide your team with information such as local evacuation routes, shelters, and contact information to reach you or another crisis manager from your leadership team.

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