The holidays are the busiest time of the year for businesses and individuals alike. Thanksgiving through New Years can really take a toll on employee productivity and revenue if you don’t manage your staff correctly. With employees all requesting off for the same time, it can be difficult to balance schedules and provide clients with the exceptional customer service they are accustomed to. In order to prevent your organization from experiencing the headache that comes with a reduced workforce, consider these 4 ways to keep your business up and running.


  1. Implement a Work From Home Policy

If you can’t get around having employees taking off for the holidays and your organization is set up to where working remote is an option, why not fix that? By implementing a work from home policy, businesses will be able to take some extra time off to spend with loved ones during the holidays, while also keeping business operations running. This is also a great way to have the best of both worlds and not let your company crumble during the holidays due to a reduced workforce.

  1. Cross-Train Employees

Cross-training employees is also a great way to ensure that work is getting done during the holiday season. By training your employees on how to not only do their job, but aspects of other jobs within the company, if you find yourself with a reduced workforce, your business and employees will be able to manage easier. Cross-training employees provides more flexibility when trying to manage a workforce. In addition, it helps to strengthen customer support due to more knowledgeable employees.

  1. First Come, First Served

If your business is not set up to where employees can work remotely (hospitality industry, retail, healthcare etc.), then you might have to take a first come, first served approach to time off during the holidays. If the employees know that they are going to want to take time off, they will need to let that be known in advance. This is a good way of capping the amount of employees who can take time off during the holiday season, without having to completely blackout holiday time off as well. 

  1. Offer Holiday Pay

If it’s essential that your business continue with the help of employees through the holidays, consider offering a holiday pay for employees who choose to stay and work. This not only gives employees initiative to skip holiday celebrations, but also shows your employees that you value them and appreciate the fact that they are willing to pass up spending time with their family and friends over the holidays in order to work.

To learn more about how to combat a reduced workforce, check out Preparis’ Reduced Workforce Checklist.


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