Click here to download our Office Creeper checklist.

Click here to download our Office Creeper checklist.

Preparis Emergency Management Consultant, Bryan Hill, recently hosted a fantastic 45-minute webinar which will advise your crisis team on the best practices for ensuring an Office Creeper (or an individual who enters your building dressed as a typical employee or visitor but intendeds to steal or rob individuals at your workplace) won’t be lurking around your workplace.

Here are the top 5 things we learned during our “Preventing an Office Creeper” webinar.

1. Office Creepers will attempt to blend into an office environment so they can go unnoticed while they search for things to steal, and will attempt to walk out with valuable personal items, technology or information.

2. An Office Creeper will be looking for purses, wallets, cell phones, laptops, keys, key cards, or any item of value. He won’t try to take televisions or heavy office equipment during work hours, but may be looking at items to take later.

3. The best defense against an Office Creeper is to get to know the people in your building. Other security measures include employing security guards, having a visitor registration policy, and using key cards to limit access to specific areas.

4. If you don’t recognize someone who is hanging around your workplace, use “good office manners” and approach them with an open-ended question such as “Can I help you find something or someone?”

5. An Office Creeper will most likely run away if confronted, but you should never try to physically engage the Office Creeper. Call security immediately if this individual becomes violent.

For more education on how to prevent and respond to Office Creepers, you can also download the Office Creeper checklist to share with your colleagues. For more information, contact Preparis directly at or give us a call at 404.662.2950. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates on industry news and events.

Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.