With unexpected disasters occurring all over the world, every single day, it’s important to stay prepared for everything from everyday disruptions such as power outages, to a major disaster like a tornado. You can’t predict a crisis and you certainly cannot prevent the unexpected, which it is crucial that you make sure that your company is prepared. There are many ways to help prepare for an unexpected disaster, however, one of the most beneficial (and easiest) ways to help navigate a crisis is to implement an emergency notification system.

By implementing an emergency notification system, you are able to send out notifications to all employees to ensure that they remain up to date on any emergency situation that may arise. Emergency notification is ideal for any company, regardless of size, location or the type of disruption.  


Why Do I Need an Emergency Notification System?


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all employees, visitors and clients remain safe when on your property. The great part about having an emergency notification system is how it enables you to quickly and efficiently make contact with your employees regarding any and all important notifications. Many small business owners feel that it’s not necessary to have an emergency notification system, that if there is an emergency they can make individual phone calls, send texts or email employees. This is simply not as effective, especially during a life-threatening emergency. Within the time it takes to send out the texts, emails and phone calls individually, it could be too late. That approach also opens the doors for human error, such as forgetting someone on your list of who to contact. If there is an active shooter in the building and you only have 10 people in the office and 2 are out at lunch and happen to forget to send a text to those two people, guess who could walk directly in and be caught in the line of fire?

Having an emergency notification system takes the pressure off of you and makes an already stressful situation significantly less stressful.


How Preparis Can Help


The Preparis Portal has many great features to help make your life easier and one of those features is a very simple and efficient emergency notification and incident management system. Our system goes above and beyond to ensure that your experience with Preparis is anything but superior.  

Here is what Preparis’ emergency notification and incident management system can do for you:

  • Communicate with the entire company by role, group or department
  • Alert employees, tenants, students and/or customers quickly via voice, text and email message delivery
  • Use the incident management tool to filter and update employee statuses and document the incident for future reference
  • Quickly establish conference calls to discuss next steps with team members
  • Create call-in announcements so employees can call in to receive critical updates
  • Create pre-set message templates that can quickly be sent out during a crisis

With Preparis you are able to establish communication before, during and after an incident along with the option to have those who you have contacted to respond back with “OK” or “NOT OK” during an emergency so that you can keep up with everyone’s status and locate those who might be in danger.

At Preparis we understand that the world of technology is continuously evolving and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we created our emergency notification and incident management system to be very simple and easy to use, so that you’ll be able to quickly learn how to navigate the system and feel confident with your ability to use it during a stressful crisis.

To learn more about the Preparis Portal, click here.


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