Preparis recently set up a Twitter page to send out company information and updates. I’ve been researching how Twitter, or a Twitter-like application, can be used in an emergency.

A few organizations – mostly government – are using Twitter for public safety announcements. The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) updates a Twitter page with announcements on emergencies and looks like:

*UPDATE: 4057 S. Main St.* Fire now knocked down in just nine minutes with 34 firefighters; with no injuries reported – Devin Gales###

Pretty cool. They currently have about 6,000 followers. With only 140 characters allowed per tweet, it can be tough to give real instructions to the public beyond general info. What should I do when I read about an accident, or chemical spill, or explosion in my area? Should I evacuate, shelter-in-place, or take an alternative driving route? I think that’s where the limitation is.

However, when we can receive real-time information directly from trusted sources, we should be able to make better decisions as executives and families. They key is having access to information, training and tools that tell you what decisions you should make with the information.

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