Last week two former Senators, Bob Graham and Jim Talent, delivered a much anticipated report to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama which assesses this nation’s ability to prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) being used on our soil by terrorists.

The report’s assessment was based on four factors:

1. There is direct evidence that terrorists are trying to acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction.

2. Acquiring WMDs fits the tactical profile of terrorists.

3. Terrorists have demonstrated global reach and the organizational sophistication to obtain and use WMDs.

4. The opportunity to acquire and use such weapons is growing exponentially because of the global proliferation of nuclear material and biological technologies.

When we get to the actual results of the report, one area is the most daunting: “F” in responding to and preventing biological attacks. In fact, the report predicts that a WMD will be used by terrorists by the end of 2013 and states that a biological attack is most likely to be used.

So, should we be surprised? Not at all. The U.S. has not done enough. In combatting biological attacks, we do not have sufficient surveillance or vaccines. For a nuclear/dirty bomb attack, there is radiological material in the world that is unaccounted for and can easily get into the hands of terrorists.

Considering the Government is basically giving itself an “F”, this reports brings even more urgency on the importance for preparing our businesses, communities and families from terrorism.

Founder & Board Director