The Wall St. Journal’s Morning Risk Report today discussed the need for continual, ongoing assessment of the threats to your business. “Whenever a company went through its last assessment or met its last compliance requirement, that was just a point in time,” said Erik Bataller of the risk management company, Neohapsis. “It’s one of the things we need to work toward from a compliance perspective…we see it in the cloud world, the real time development, the real time production, the modifying and improving of service on a real time basis.”

We couldn’t agree more. It’s essential for organizations to think of business continuity and risk mitigation as a continuous cycle. While remaining compliant is critical, your company must develop training and reinforce the need to be cognizant of all vulnerabilities to ensure you’re confident you can keep your people safe, and your business running, no matter what happens.

Here are a few key areas to consider when conducting an ongoing risk assessment on your business:

Get executive buy-in for your business continuity program from a c-level stakeholder, as this leader can help develop a culture of preparedness within your organization.

Have cloud-based document storage to access contact lists, emergency plans, essential files, and other critical documents to continue operations.

Train and develop your crisis team using online training through a threat-based knowledge center, practicing, tabletop drills and doing full-scale exercises with the crisis teams from all of your company’s locations.

Audit your third party vendors by asking to see their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Your business depends on your suppliers being able to support your operations throughout an incident.

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