Welcome to the Weekly Risk Report. Here, we will provide a quick rundown of the top threats affecting businesses and people around the world. The Risk Report is our opportunity show how these threats may affect you and discuss easy ways you can prepare to  manage the unexpected. This week, Preparis CEO, Armistead Whitney, will take a look at:

    • Hottest Year on Record: The past 12 months have been the hottest ever recorded in the US. The sustained heat has had an effect on on US crops and the national economy.


    • Several Lapses in a CDC Bioterror Lab Reveal US Vulnerabilities: Emails released this week reveal several lapses security in a CDC lab containing samples of anthrax and SARS. These high level labs  are in areas across the country, and could be vulnerable to similar lapses.


  • Malware Day Passes with Little Disruption While the FBI Makes a Statement: As the FBI disconnected servers connecting thousands of malware infected computers, they made a statement to individuals and businesses that the government will not be responsible for maintaining internet access for those with virus infected computers.


  • NSA Chief Claims Cyber Attacks Have Resulted in the Largest Transfer of Wealth in History: With the rising frequency in cyber attacks, the NSA predicts attacks to continue to become more disruptive and destructive as the attacks funnel money from individuals and businesses.


Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.