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Phone Trees and Binders are Not the Answer for Your Life Safety & BC Programs

Building owners and property managers face an array of threats from natural disasters to workplace violence, civil unrest, terrorism, and more. This put tenants, their businesses and your property at risk. Preparis is the leading technology provider of life safety, business continuity and cybersecurity to commercial real estate companies. We help drive actionable programs that empower your staff and tenants to help ensure your building’s operational resiliency, improve tenant retention, and increase brand differentiation.

Join the 1000’s of building owners in over 200 cities worldwide using Preparis’ technology to help protect their people and their property.

Emergency Action Plan & Fire Prevention Plan Creation

  • Ensure compliance with OSHA & state requirements.
  • Be ready for any threat with procedures for reacting to various emergencies.
  • The most cost effective approach.

Mobilize Your Life Safety & Business Continuity Programs

  • Access plans and manage disruptions from any device, 24/7, worldwide.
  • Your Preparis Portal offers property differentiation so you can easily manage a crisis at one building without interrupting your other buildings and their people.
  • Easily update and manage tenant contact information.

Train & Educate Your Tenants, Employees & Staff

  • Easily communicate with tenants, employees and staff during an emergency, about drills, etc.
  • Create strategic custom groups of people within your Preparis Portal.
  • Establish conference calls to discuss next steps with key team members in just a few clicks.

Streamline Tenant Emergency Communications

  • Easily communicate with tenants, employees and staff during emergencies and drills.
  • Strategically create custom groups of people within your Preparis Portal.

Keep Your Tenants and Building Safe with Preparis

“After seeing firsthand the results from flooding and fire in other buildings, I knew we needed to have a more structured emergency preparedness plan – including a well-trained crisis team with the tools necessary to communicate during an event – for my property team and tenants.

Weeks after we implemented Preparis, our internal email servers went down and we had no way to communicate via email with any tenants or vendors for several days. With Preparis, we had the ability to send notifications instantly to all of our tenants to inform them of the situation.

I have been in property management for 24 years and am so glad to have finally found a solution that addresses all things emergency preparedness in one system.”

Senior General Manager, Lincoln Property Company

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