Simplify Your Business Continuity, Cybersecurity & Life Safety Program

Your business is vulnerable to an array of threats including cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and workplace violence putting employees, revenue, operations, and brand at risk. Preparis simplifies business continuity by combining world class plans, expert advice, training, emergency notification, and reporting all in one solution. With Preparis, your organization will achieve enterprise resiliency and compliance more quickly and cost-effectively than any other approach. We simplify business continuity for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Simplify Your Program

  • Consolidate your vendors. Preparis offers everything you need to meet your business continuity, life safety, cybersecurity and disaster recovery under one roof.
  • Allow employees and crisis team members to train on their own time while having the ability to track their progress.

Mobilize Your Business Continuity Program & Emergency Communications

  • You are always on the go and your plans should be too. Access and manage a disruption from any device, 24/7, worldwide.
  • Preset messages, contact groups, and location settings make it easy for you to quickly get in contact with the right people.
  • Get everyone on the same page. Have a dedicated crisis team and use your executive controls to allow them to see the plans too.

Increase Operational Up-Time & Availability

  • Mitigate the risk of potential business disruptions, minimize their impact when they do happen, and quickly get back to business.
  • Ensure that your vendors have their program created so if they experience a disruption, your company’s up time is unaffected.
  • Create actionable plans, and train employees and your crisis team members on what to do in the event of workplace incidents.

Ensure Compliance with Industry & Regulatory Standards

  • Create a program that measures up to industry regulations and standards for business continuity, life safety, cybersecurity and disaster recovery.
  • Find and address all gaps within your business continuity and cybersecurity plans so your organization passes client audits.
  • Create an effective plan that properly responds to any incident, to avoid reputation and operational losses.

Simplify Your Business Continuity Program Today

“Preparis saves us time by having predetermined user groups allowing the flexibility to send multiple message types at one time. In addition to the benefits during an incident, the process of working with Preparis has opened our entire company’s eyes to the threats we may face, and has made us a stronger company as well.”

Business Liaison Manager, Planalytics

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