“Preparis is an all-in-one solution where emergency preparedness and life safety initiatives are all brought together in a single tool. Where teams in the past may have sourced several of these solutions separately, Preparis has the ability to bring us multiple tools and a library of resources all in one comprehensive portal.” 

Cheri Shepherd

Executive Managing Director of Asset Services, Cushman & Wakefield



In the event of a disruptive incident, how do you ensure each individual at your
properties are effectively communicated to and accounted for?


Providing best-in-class property management services requires the ability to identify hazards and threats, and to respond quickly and effectively to these disruptive incidents when they occur. From power outages to natural disasters, a comprehensive emergency messaging system communicates to the right people at the right time, saving you time and money.


Through a preferred partnership, Preparis offers Cushman & Wakefield managed buildings the best in life safety and emergency notification at an exclusive price. Preparis’ all-in-one platform provides Cushman & Wakefield management teams and building tenants the automated tools necessary to help ensure operational resiliency, improve tenant satisfaction, and mitigate risk, including:

• Emergency notification to employees and tenants
• Online training, table-top exercises, and expert content
• Incident log and reporting
• 24/7/365 access to plans and documents
• Preparis life safety mobile app
• Seamless integration and consistency across portfolio


Communicating and responding to an incident has never been easier with the Preparis Portal and Mobile App. This integrated, cloud-based solution provides Cushman & Wakefield management teams and building tenants the ability to access important emergency program and life safety information from any device, anywhere, and at any time.



Comprehensive and easy-to-use administrative options allow each Preparis Portal to be customized to fit the unique requirements of each building and its tenants, including:

• Executive security controls to create tailored permissions based on roles, groups, and locations
• The ability to instantly deploy communications, plans, and training to teams and tenants
• Integrated view of live data on user activity, training completion status, incident reports, and more


The Preparis Portal and Mobile App provide streamlined and immediate emergency communication features, including:

• Two-way emergency notification, including user-initiated incidents, featuring voice, text, email, and push notification message delivery
• Location mapping and geofencing capabilities with dynamic messaging
• Incident management functions to track and filter response statuses, create accurate and detailed incident reports, and document key milestones
• Initiate conference calls to discuss next steps with integral team members
• Call-in announcement capability for building teams and tenants to dial-in to receive critical updates


Unlike emergency plans that quickly go stale on a shelf, Preparis’ cloud-based document sharing provides Cushman & Wakefield management and building tenants safe, reliable access to critical documents, even if building access or servers are unavailable. An unlimited number of documents, of any file type, can be stored through the Portal or Mobile App and are accessible from any tablet, smartphone, or computer.


The Preparis Portal and Mobile App offers building managers and tenants access to procedures, checklists, and interactive training courses on how to respond and recover from more than 100 potential types of threats. Executive-level reporting provides detailed insight into training progress and results.

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