Cybersecurity Services

Companies of all sizes can become victims of cyber-attacks making it more important than ever to have cybersecurity plans and employee training as an integral  part of your business continuity program. Preparis can help your business and employees prepare and respond to cyber-attacks while meeting regulatory requirements. Below you will find information that can assist  your organization in implementing a best-in-class program.


Start With A Cybersecurity Assessment

Our cybersecurity assessment will help minimize your  organization’s security risks by evaluating existing security policies and plans, general security management processes, and network architecture diagrams. Additionally, Preparis performs vulnerability and penetration testing of internal and external  systems to identify any critical security flaws that require immediate attention.

Each assessment includes:

  • Review of information and documentation to better understand your program
  • Perform vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Summarized executive report, that includes prioritized findings and recommendations for remediation
  • A summarized executive report that includes any found security risks, and recommendations for remediation.

Have A Plan & Test It

It is very important when faced with a cyber-attack that your people are familiar with their roles and responsibilities within the organization. Preparis provides customized plan development as well as a web-based portal that allows organizations to test corporate-wide notification capabilities, command and control structures, and recovery strategies.

The Preparis Solution includes:

  • Highly-customizable crisis communication capabilities.
  • Customized plan development.
  • Tabletops, checklists, and other expert content.


Educate & Train Your Employees

70% of all cyber-attacks happen because of an internal error. Educating your employees on cybersecurity is the best way to protect your organization from most cyber-attacks.

The Preparis Solution includes:

  • Interactive, web-based cybersecurity training
  • Executive reporting to ensure attendance and compliance
  • Tabletops, webinars, checklists, and other expert content


Preparis Can Help Mitigate The Risk Of Cyber-Attacks