Ensure Life Safety with Quick & Reliable Communication

With academic institutions (k-12 and higher education) having such a high volume of traffic on daily basis, as well as the institutions being held responsible for the safety of all students, employees and visitors, it’s crucial to remain confident that you have the ability to not only prepare for unexpected incidents, but quickly communicate with students, faculty, staff and parents regardless of the type of emergency. Preparis is dedicated to assisting your institution ensure the life safety of your school or campus, as well as keep up to date with all regulatory requirements.


Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • Create plans that meet OSHA, federal and state safety regulations for academic institutions
  • Keep up to date on the latest regulations and guidance
  • Assess potential risks and vulnerabilities to your building and plans as well as assess third party vendors through a Business Impact Analysis.

Establish and Maintain Emergency Communications

  • Build actionable Emergency Action Plans, Business Continuity Plans and Life Safety Plans
  • Monitor the health of your BC program on an ongoing basis
  • Work with our experts to ensure your plans remain up to date

Ensure Life Safety

  • Ensure that students, faculty and parents are kept informed as emergencies arise with our two-way emergency notification and incident management system.
  • Receive access to our interactive, online training to help mitigate human error when responding to a crisis
  • Create and test plans to locate any gaps

Manage Incidents with Ease

  • Access to documents 24/7/365, regardless of location, via any tablet, smartphone, or computer
  • Ensure safe, reliable document access even if servers are unavailable
  • Maintain critical business operations during any crisis

Learn More About Life Safety with Preparis

“Preparis is a good, usable device. It really has a fit in schools, because it’s quick and easy. It’s nice to just be able to carry it around on your phone and use it if you need it.” 

CEO, Lake Oconee Academy