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You never know when disaster will strike, which is why it is crucial to prepare for any potential incident that might result in a business disruption. Here at Preparis, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have a complete Emergency Action Plan (EAP) including a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) to make sure that all employees know what to do in the event of an emergency situation and to ensure that your business remains compliant with OSHA’s regulations.  

Preparis’ all-in-one solution of life safety plans and software includes: 

  • A team dedicated to assisting you with plan creation, testing, maintenance and risk assessments.
  • Certified experts to ensure that your EAP and FPP are compliant with OSHA, IFC, NFPA, state, and local regulations.
  • Annual Plan Maintenance & Updates through Preparis iQ to ensure your business never falls out of compliancy.
  • Emergency Messaging and Incident Management

With award winning technology and a seasoned team of consultants, Preparis is able to help our clients navigate building a 5 Star EAP that includes an FPP to ensure they are compliant with all regulations.



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What Our Clients Say:

“Just weeks after we implemented Preparis, our internal email servers went down and we had no way to communicate via email with any tenants or vendors for several days. With Preparis, we had the ability to send notifications instantly to all of our tenants to inform them of the situation. I have been in property management for 24 years and I am so glad to have finally found a solution that addresses all things emergency preparedness in one system.”

-Senior General Manager, Lincoln Property Group

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