Simplify Your Business Continuity, Cybersecurity & Life Safety Program

Business continuity for healthcare organizations has never been more important. Your clients want assurance that your firm will survive a wide range of threats such as cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and workplace violence. Yet, many healthcare organizations lack the time and resources to write, test, and maintain an effective business continuity program while attending to the privacy needs of their patients and regulatory requirements from HIPAA. We make BCP easy for healthcare organizations by combining world class plans, expert advice, training, emergency notification, and reporting all in one solution. With Preparis your firm will achieve complete operational resiliency more quickly and cost effectively than any other approach.


Maintain a Secure and Closely Monitored Network

  • Educate & train your employees to protect your organization from a cyber-attack.
  • Create customized plans to test notification capabilities and recovery strategies.
  • Evaluate existing security policies and plans, and perform vulnerability and penetration testing on internal and external systems to identify security flaws.

Ensure Compliance Within Industry Regulations

  • Preparis’ Audit-Ready Package includes a comprehensive approach to business continuity and cybersecurity while meeting HIPAA standards. 
  • Assess potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality of protected health information, and assess third party vendors through a Business Impact Analysis.
  • Work with our experts to update your Business Continuity and Security Plans.

Protect Brand Reputation

  • Create and test an actionable communication plan that enables your organization to respond to and recover from any emergency situation.
  • Get access to our expertly curated content which outlines response instructions for all types of possible threats.
  • Use our two-way emergency notification system to alert employees in the event of an emergency and update their statuses with our incident management tool.

Effectively Respond to a Crisis

  • Rapidly alert your employees with Preparis’ two-way notification system featuring voice, email, and text delivery.
  • Ensure safe, reliable document access even if your company facilities or servers are unavailable.
  • Access documents from any tablet, smartphone, or computer 24/7, worldwide.

Learn How Preparis Can Help Keep Your Network and Employees Safe

“Preparis has helped prepare our company to recover from operational downtime by developing our company-wide business continuity program, covering our locations around the country. We are better prepared to handle the myriad of 21st century threats that could potentially cause a large-scale disruption. The service level is unparalleled and the value is unquestioned. Preparis is there when we need them most.” 

VP of Security and Privacy, nThrive

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