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Every day threats like natural disasters, workplace violence, acts of terrorism, and cyber-attacks put your workforce, property and operations at extreme risk.  When these threats occur, you want to ensure your organization is prepared, protected, and ready to respond.

Preparis provides an all-in-one cloud platform for mass emergency notification and business continuity planning for organizations that need to mitigate risk, eliminate business impacts and make sure their workforce is safe and informed.


Preparis makes being ready easy so your organization is to prepared to respond to any business disruption or critical event.


Our team of experts offer customized Business Continuity, Life Safety and Cybersecurity services

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What’s New at Preparis

“Preparis makes our jobs easier because we can rely on one source to offer expert answers in each environment on so many topics”.

– Chief Human Resources Officer

“With Preparis we are preparing for a wide array of threats with live policies and procedures, training, testing and good documentation, all of it right-sized for our organization”.

– Senior VP & COO

“After extensive research of other companies, Preparis was the only provider that helped us prepare our people via detailed crisis training program. Smaller firms like ours don’t have a dedicated business continuity team which makes Preparis a cost-effective option to comply with ever-changing regulations in our industry”.

– AVP IT Security Officer

“Preparis’ technology, insight, and client service are great to work with and make our firm better prepared to respond and recover from crises and business disruptions”.

– Administrative Vice President

“We were able to successfully manage through Hurricane Sandy for a number of reasons, one of which is that we signed up with Preparis for their technology”.

– Director of Operations

“Preparis’ mobile apps caught our attention. All our employees are knowledgeable and prepared for emergency situations”.

– Human Resources Director

“Preparis saves us time by having predetermined user groups allowing the flexibility to send multiple message types at one time. In addition to the benefits during an incident, the process of working with Preparis has opened our entire company’s eyes to the threats we may face, and has made us a stronger company as well”.

– Business Liaison Manager

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