“Preparis provides the perfect answer for our global operations. Their approach is simply brilliant.” 

Chief of Human Resources, Crowell & Moring LLP

Preparis Legal Continuity

For Law Firms, Preparis is the Answer to Simplifying Business Continuity

Business continuity for law firms has never been more important. Your clients want assurance that your firm will make it through a wide range of threats such as cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and workplace violence. Yet, many law firms lack the time and resources to write, test, and maintain an effective business continuity program to survive a client audit. We make business continuity easy for over 60 of the top law firms in the world by combining world class plans, expert advice, training, emergency notification, and reporting all in one solution. Preparis will help your firm achieve complete operational resiliency more quickly and cost effectively than any other approach.

Protect Your Revenue by Minimizing Business Disruptions


  • Identify and mitigate Business Continuity program risks to effectively continue firm operations in the event of a disaster.
  • Use our customizable tabletop exercises to train your team for unexpected threats.
  • Access easy-to-follow response instructions to over 100 threats that could affect your firm and people.
Surpass Client & Regulatory Audits


  • Train employees on cybersecurity through our interactive, visual-based cybersecurity training.
  • We will help you perform penetration and vulnerability tests to find gaps in your cybersecurity plans.
  • Create a Business Impact Analysis in order to understand your firm’s regulatory risks and what to do to address them.
Effectively Manage Business Disruptions

  • Access important documents and plans from any device, 24/7, and worldwide.
  • Practice your response and recovery efforts with tabletop exercises on different incidents
  • Alert employees rapidly with Preparis’ two-way notification system that allows you to track and update the status of your employees.
Consolidate Your Firm’s BC & Cybersecurity Vendors


  • Bring all your Business Continuity initiatives together in one place. No more separate emergency notification, incident management, cybersecurity, training, and document management systems.
  • Our consultants can work with your firm to address gaps within your business continuity program and provide solutions to them.
  • Spend less time administrating your preparedness program.

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Preparis Can Help Minimize Business Disruptions.