At Preparis, we firmly believe in investing in our employees. A fully-stocked fridge, a dart board, a Yeti, and monthly “Funventors” are at the top of our priority list.  Investing in our employees ensures a more productive, results-oriented work environment. Our team members also share a positive, self-starting and supportive attitude. By ensuring that each new employee is more than just a talented team player, Preparis maintains a unique work environment that translates to a better customer service experience for clients.

Interested in being a part of the Preparis team? We don’t blame you! Check out careers page for open positions.

Our Company Valuespreparis-beacon

Much more than a poster on the wall.

We value respect towards customers, competitors, vendors, and each other.

We value accountability to our words, actions, efforts, and results.

We value investing strategically in our time and company assets.

We value thinking from a customer’s point of view at all times.

We value innovation, learning, growing, taking initiative, and assist those around us to do the same.

We value working hard, having fun, and having a life.

The Yeti

The YetiOur Yeti Is More Than Just A Mascot For The Preparis Brand.

The Yeti represents the ubiquitous and unanticipated threats which can strike a business anytime disrupting operations, curbing revenue, or worse…harming your own employees. Here’s a bit more history about our Yeti:

  • Although generally regarded as a myth, the threats Yeti symbolizes to businesses and buildings are quite real.
  • Yeti made his roaring debut in our Preparis video (to the right) to show businesses how bad luck can happen if teams aren’t prepared for an emergency.
  • Originally hailing from the Himalayas, he’s been known to invade clients’ offices, company events and conferences such as BOMA’s Every Building and Conference Expo.
  • In Tibetan, the word “Yeti” translates into “man-bear”. Other words which can be used to describe him are “Abominable” or “Sasquatch” and adjectives such as “scary”, “disruptive”, or even “expensive”.
  • Yeti can be seen lurking around the Preparis office. He also has a penchant for stalking the Preparis Twitter page.
  • Yeti are believed to be shy (most humans are afraid of the monster) but the Preparis Yeti is outgoing and even willing to pose for photos.