The Preparis Portal

The Preparis Portal is an all-in-one platform enabling you to easily develop and manage your entire business continuity program from any device, anywhere in the world.  Preparis has integrated everything you need into one comprehensive solution including expert guidance, emergency notification, incident management, training, document storage, and reporting.

All-In-One Administration

Gather all your business continuity and emergency notification initiatives into one place. Everything integrates together including your emergency plans, notifications, incident management, document management, and training:  

  • Create a role & group structure to build a chain of command that fits the uniqueness of your organization.
  • Deploy consistent plans and training to all your teams keeping everyone up-to-date.
  • Expand your program seamlessly by adding new users and facilities as your organization grows.
  • Access graphs and data on user activity, team training status, incident reports, and more to get an integrated view of your overall preparedness
  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to administer business continuity and cybersecurity programs so you can focus on your core business.

Emergency Notification & Incident Management

Our customers will tell you that Preparis’ emergency notification feature is so streamlined, simple, and fast that you can easily:  

  • Quickly alert your entire organization or you customers with two-way emergency messages featuring voice, text, email, and push notification message delivery
  • Filter and update employee statuses and document the incident
  • Initiate proactive conference calls to discuss next steps with team members in just a few clicks
  • Create call-in announcements so employees can receive critical updates
  • Pin saved message templates to user dashboard for easy access during incident
  • FEMA integration with IPAWS allows you to subscribe to and publish automated alerts (EAS, NOAA, WEA and others)

Online Training

Preparis’ highly interactive online training center teaches crisis teams and all personnel roles, responsibilities, and vital emergency response protocols that can be applied to any crisis event: 

  • Crisis teams will be trained and certified to respond to any type of crisis event and how to effectively follow your organization’s custom plans.
  • Employees will learn about the goals of your business continuity program, and train on important best practices for cybersecurity and other threats.
  • A library of over 30 table top exercises will enable crisis teams at every one of your locations to practice response and recovery efforts.
  • Track training progress and results through executive-level reporting.

Cloud-Based Document Sharing

 Unlike binder-organized emergency plans sitting on your shelf gathering dust, Preparis’ cloud-based document sharing allows your entire organization to upload and access critical documents from any device instantly:   

  • Ensure safe, reliable document access even if your building or servers are unavailable.
  • Upload any file type.
  • Set titles, descriptions, categories, and keywords to help users find documents easily.
  • Utilize security controls to determine which roles, groups, or locations can see which documents.
  • Access your documents from any tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Expert Content

 Keeping your company prepared and compliant is a continuous initiative.  Preparis’ team of experts delivers  ongoing intelligence, guidance, and threat information to keep your entire enterprise informed and prepared:   

  • Access easy-to-follow response instructions on over 200 threats that could impact your people and operations.
  • Share actionable checklists with your crisis teams, executives, employees, and tenants.
  • Explore topical articles, blogs, real-time feeds, and webinars giving expert advice and information.

Seamless Integration

Since Preparis easily integrates with any HR or payment system, it can be activated in a matter of hours. Your scheduled feed ensures that your data is automatically updated to keep users current:  

  • Select from a variety of integration methods, including secure FTP or web services with our API.
  • Create, enable, and disable user accounts as your employee base changes.
  • Schedule feeds according to your onboarding/off boarding processes.

Receive real-time success notifications for all data updates.


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