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About Preparis’ Solutions 

Your organization faces continuous threats that can disrupt your workforce, property, operations, and revenue while you strive to meet the ever-changing requirements of regulatory agencies, as well as serve your customers. Implementing emergency messaging, business continuity and cybersecurity programs that fits your organization is challenging; particularly with limited resources, time, and expertise.

Preparis makes being ready easy so your organization is to prepared to respond to any business disruption causing crisis.

Preparis is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that enables you to develop and manage business continuity and emergency notification programs from any device, anywhere around the world. Keep your workforce protected during critical events with bi-directional emergency messaging, instant conference calling, polling, one-click response to precisely communicate safety status and cloud access to plan documents from any device.

More than emergency messaging, we ensure your workforce is ready and prepared prior to critical events with access to online training tools and expert content on more than 200 threats. Your team can achieve organization readiness and compliance with technology to create and maintain business continuity and emergency action plans – easily managing all items necessary to make sure your plans are compliant and up-to-date. 

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Does  your company need help updating your business continuity plan? Do you need to prioritize conducting a cybersecurity review, penetration test, or 3rd party vendor assessment?  Preparis’ services team brings together over a hundred years of domain and industry experience to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of risks, threats and compliance in your organization.

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Does your organization need to meet the growing list of regulatory requirements from OSHA, SEC, FINRA, FDIC, NCUA, FFIEC, HIPAA and others?

If you are like many of the companies we work with, you’re faced with interpreting regulations and guidelines on your own while attempting to cobble together point solutions using multiple vendors. This becomes expensive and confusing, trying to figure out whether these service overlap, or if they leave any gaps. Preparis is your single, comprehensive source. Learn how our Audit-Ready Packag e delivers business continuity and cybersecurity preparedness and compliance more efficiently and cost-effectively than any other approach.

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Critical events and disruptive incidents jeopardize both financial and information flow, and the people and property vital to your operations. Your customers expect and depend on your ability to continue to deliver services regardless of any interruptions. Your company is often left to solve these problems alone, or by using an array of expensive vendors. Preparis is a single, comprehensive solution that helps you prepare for and respond to any incident, and be confident that you will meet business continuity and cybersecurity regulatory compliance.

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