“Preparis is mass notification, learning, storage, it’s cloud-based, it is everything I needed in one platform.”

– William Kearney, Global Safety & Security Director

The Challenge

As a large software company with roughly 50% of employees working remotely, BMC Software had their work cut out for them when deciding on an emergency messaging system. With outward communication being crucial for companies of all sizes during an emergency, finding a solution to fit those needs and ensure that businesses are able to effectively communicate with employees is a must.

Having lackluster results with their incumbent solution, William Kearney, the new Global Safety and Security Director, knew that the solution that was in place would not provide BMC with a global solution for emergency notifications, particularity to a disperse workforce.

The Solution

When there is an emergency, the first question business owners ask is whether or not the employees are safe. The quicker that question can be answered, the easier it is for the business to focus on tending to other aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity. BMC made the executive decision to invest in Preparis in order to ensure the safety of their employees and business.

Mr. Kearney knew that with Preparis that he would be able to provide a quick and accurate response to questions regarding the safety of employees by implementing Preparis into BMC’s business continuity program.

Covered Locations

Tier One Data Centers


Employees Working Remotely

Protected Employees

Key Takeaways From This Success Story


  • Take a close look at your emergency messaging system to determine whether or not it is reaching its full potential. A good business continuity solution should be more than just messaging. Preparis’ solution is able to bring you emergency notification, training, plan creation, testing, storage and much more.
  • Keep track of facilities using a dynamic reporting tool, such as the one offered by Preparis to ensure that all facilities are keeping their plans up to date.
  • Test your emergency messaging system or Emergency Action Plan annually to ensure that it is working properly in the event of an emergency.
  • If your business has multiple locations or employees that work remotely, understand how critical it is for there to be an effective system of communication in place. Failure to do so can result in more issues during an already stressful crisis.

“We have 16 Tier One facilities globally. We have people working in the field, a sales, team, people working from home, and a team of developers. Preparis allows us to keep up with everyone during an emergency, no matter where they are.”

– William Kearney, Global Safety & Security Director

Preparis Can Simplify Emergency Notification for Your Organization