“Testing the emergency notifications in the Preparis Portal helps reassure associates that we do have plans in place and that they will be notified if there is an incident. These tests also remind associates to visit the knowledge center and to utilize the Portal for their personal emergency plans.”

– Jennifer Greer, Security Specialist



The Challenge

Communicating During a Crisis

Like many organizations, Jackson Healthcare found that using only email to communicate emergency response plans was not sufficient. With emails flooding into inboxes all day long, it is easy to overlook an emergency notification. Important safety details were being missed and, when Jackson had training, new associates were feeling anxious because they did not know what to do.

They wanted a solution that would get the attention of the workforce and implement programs that would show current and new associates how important their safety and well-being is to the organization. Due to Jackson Healthcare’s growing size, having individual training was not realistic since the organization sometimes has more than 10 new hires per day.


The Solution

Creating Engaging Emergency Preparedness Initiatives 

Since implementation of the Preparis Portal and new emergency preparedness procedures, Jackson Healthcare employees have started taking security measures more seriously, which has helped reduce the number of preventable incidents.

Jackson Healthcare has taken a proactive approach to make sure the employees and the organization are prepared for any crisis or emergency. Using tabletop exercises located in the Preparis Portal, they continue to test and improve on their plans and procedures. The crisis team encourages employees to use the Portal for training and knowledge on emergency response plans. During evacuation drills, they use the Portal to send test messages so employees are reminded of Preparis while safety procedures are already on their minds.



Patients Served

Healthcare Facilities

New Hires / Day


Key Takeaways From This Success Story


  • Find an effective way to communicate your emergency preparedness plans to employees so they do not feel anxious in the event of a crisis.
  • Include local first responders in the testing and training of your response plans.
  • Be aware if your organization is growing, you may need to update your business continuity program.
  • Examine if using only email for your emergency messaging is effective. With the Preparis Portal you can easily send an SMS text, email, voice, push, and desktop message at the same time in the event of a crisis.
  • Ensure that executives understand the plans so they are able to answer any questions associates may have.



“Having access to the knowledge within the Preparis Portal is great! It’s really helpful when something is coming up in the news, like a winter storm. Just being able to send out a checklist to employees as a reminder of what to do.”

– Jennifer Greer, Security Specialist | Jackson Healthcare


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