Preparis provides award-winning cloud-based technology to help your organization easily and efficiently mitigate the risk of, preparing for and managing critical events and disruptive incidents.

During an incident, the Preparis keeps your workforce safe with bi-directional emergency messaging and instant conference calling – available with a full-featured mobile application. Prior to an incident, we help you manage and generate emergency action plans, provide online training with expert content, and include unlimited document management.

The Preparis Portal

The Preparis Portal is an all-in-one platform enabling you to easily develop and manage your entire business continuity program from any device, anywhere in the world.  Preparis has integrated everything you need into one comprehensive solution including expert guidance, emergency notification, incident management, training, document storage, and reporting.

Preparis iQ

Preparis iQ enables you to maintain business continuity and emergency preparedness plans, create and manage tasks, and all other items necessary to effectively respond to and recover from any business disruption or critical event.

Preparis iQ also allows you to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Preparis Mobile App

With the Preparis Mobile App, you have the ability to quickly report and respond to any incident, allowing you to ensure employee safety and effortlessly mitigate downtime during an incident. You have access to bi-directional messaging, incident reporting, push notifications, and location mapping via geofencing at the touch of a button.

Disruptive Incidents Simplified!